GPS Tracking

GPS TRONIK is an innovate tracking system which we have implemented with the cooperation of Tronik company. The system uses satellite navigation and lets you preview a route and location of the vehicle on the map. The solution is applied in all our cars. Thanks to GPS Tracking System you can track your cargo and see where is its location at any time.


The GPS device has been installed in every car in our fleet. This allows better organization of work and the protection route of the vehicle. The same system provides the customer control over cargo entrusted to our company. Now you don’t need to call us to ask about the location of your cargo. Thanks to GPS Tracking you know the exact location of your goods. At any time you want.


The main advantages of GPS Tracking System

->  You can track vehicles in real time and see their location on the map,

->  You get an access to services through a web browser,

->  You get your own unique login and password to the system,

->  Ongoing tracking of the route of the vehicle and preview of its parameters,

->  You can have all important reports and graphs showing the route of your cargo.

A real-time car tracking mode and preview of cargo locations on the map.

An easy access to the tracking service via web browser. You get an unique user account.

GPS Tracking System allows to track the routes of the vehicle and its parameters

Actual reports and graphs showing all important information about the route of your cargo.

See the location of your cargo

Log in on your account and track your cargo in real-time mode using web browser

Log in to GPS

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